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High Performance Nurse Coaching - Resus your CV

My unique 1:1 Resus Your CV coaching program provides you with the skills, knowledge and tools to land your next nursing role. 

The RYCV program involves the following: 

Comprehensive review of your whole application by Liam (Nurse educator, leader and Nurse Career Coach) (1 hour)

1 hour CV, SC Coaching with Liam 

1 hour of interview preparation/coaching.

Ongoing support throughout the whole application process via Coachvantage. 

Further CV reviews until you land your next role at no extra costs. 

Please note this is not a CV writing service, my unique coaching program will equip you with the skills and tools to develop a strong, unique and personal application that best markets your abilities! We do this together! 

Total Sessions & Duration
Total Sessions 2 Sessions
First Session Duration 60 Mins
Subsequent Sessions Duration 60 Mins Every 14 Day(s)
Program Duration 1 Month(s)

Program Fees
Payment Plan ( 2 Payments)

$ AUD (AUD) 225.00 /Month

3 Payments (Payment Req Before Each Session)

$ AUD (AUD) 150.00 /Week

Pay In Full

$ AUD (AUD) 450.00